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About MASX RED Contractors

The colour RED is associated with danger which reflects an emergency situation. MASX RED (pronounced Mas-X Red) offers Proactive and Reactive Emergency Services to both residential and commercial properties using the best environmentally-friendly solutions and standards. 

Emergencies occur due to one or more existing underlying issue. Proactive problem management is essential in managing reactive emergencies. It's always better to take a proactive approach rather than waiting for an emergency to occur and then having to take a reactive approach. Proactive Services usually costs less than Reactive Services.

Proactive Services - Before
 an emergency occurs  MASX RED is here to help you create Reliable, Efficient, Defendable residential and commercial spaces. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your space and work with you to address issues that will mitigate future emergencies. We will convert your home or office to a Smart, Safe, Fire & Heat Resistant space. From installing smart-alarms, smart-cameras, smart-lighting, and other smart devices; to building safe rooms and bunkers. MASX RED believes that we all deserve to feel safe and comfortable in the environment that we live and work.    

Reactive Services - After an emergency occurs  MASX RED is here to help. We provide high-quality services in the areas of Restoration, Environmental, Demolition. From fire and water damage; to mold, lead and asbestos abatement or remediation. MASX RED believes that we all deserve to be safe and comfortable in the environment that we live and work.

Our team handles every step of the process to ensure that our clients are dealing with only one company that is accountable for the entire project.  MASX RED understand the challenges involved with these types of projects, and that's why we take our work very seriously in order to deliver a seamless and stress-free experience to our clients.  


MASX RED specializes in restoring property damage caused by water, fire or smoke. Our commitment is to respond, restore and rescue properties in the shortest time possible in order to keep our clients 100% satisfied.
We are experts at water damage repair.  From water leaks to flood damage, we will make every effort to provide a quick, seamless and reliable service. 
When your property has experienced fire or smoke damage, immediate response is necessary to restore the property back to its original state, or even better. It's important to hire the right company that can perform this work properly. We are fully trained, licensed and insured to handle any fire and smoke damage.    
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From attics to basements, we have dealt with it all.  For visible mold we perform inspections making immediate recommendations and providing a timely estimate.
Lead was used extensively in a wide variety of products including interior and exterior paints in residential and commercial buildings.  Our MASX RED team provides lead sampling and removal services for homes and buildings.
Our experienced staff at MASX RED can help you to determine if your home contains asbestos, which may occur in a variety of areas in homes built before the mid-1980’s. We’ll assess the risk and take the necessary steps – including sampling and testing – to select the most appropriate method of managing the problem, be it asbestos removal and disposal or remediation via encapsulation.
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MASX RED specializes in the demolition of small and large structures, both commercial and residential.  We can do partial or full interior and exterior demolition.  We can also provide renovation and construction services which gives us a great understanding of how to perform a proper demolition and prepare the space for our Renovation and Construction trades.
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Smart Home System


MASX RED Contractors specializes in full and partial smart space  renovation projects at competitive pricing. We renovate both residential and commercial spaces.

Upgrading your home or business to use the latest smart devices will not only boost the value and functionality of your space but it will also make it drastically more appealing and render it a more reliable and efficient place to work or live. When you want to carry out a smart space conversion, you’ll need to hire a trusted and knowledgable company like MASX RED.


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Licensed and Insured Services

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24/7 Emergency Clean Up

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Fast & Reliable

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